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Lawn tips for November

Lawn tips for November

Here's your November lawn care 'to do' list:

  • Collect leaves and other debris that has fallen from trees or garden beds to avoid damaging the lawn over winter.
  • Fertilise your lawn to keep it healthy and green over winter.
  • Weed the lawn, pulling any weeds you can reach.
  • Aerate and reduce shady areas to help control moss.
  • Mow, if necessary, but it’s likely to be your last cut of the year.

When preparing for winter be sure your lawn is cleared of any leaves and grass clippings. This will allow more exposure to winter moisture and light. The lawn should have been fertilized for the last time by now with a pound or so of nitrogen, with some portion of that being in a slow-release form. Also, mow for the last time, leaving the height a little longer than a normal cut.
Weeds should have been treated by now, particularly perennial weeds for next season. While very little is happening from a pest standpoint, the most important thing is to monitor all trees, shrubs and lawn areas for soil moisture. If snow or rain has been absent, a deep thorough soaking of landscape areas once every two to three weeks will help maintain plant health.

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