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Monitor and improve efficiency of your landscape irrigation systems

Determine the efficiency of your sprinkler system by looking for:

· Runoff on sidewalks and streets. 

·Pooling or puddling of water

·Low head drainage – Does water continue to port/weep from sprinkler heads after the zone has stopped running?

·Check sprinklers for excessive misting

·Low pressure – water not distributed evenly throughout system

Determine which components are most critical to an efficient irrigation system

·Backflow Preventer – protects your potable water source from contamination. Make sure you have selected the correct backflow preventer for your property and the design of your system.

·Master Valve – Can prevent significant water loss in the event of breakage to system piping (gatekeeper of the system)

·Zone Valves – Not all are created equal. Upgrading to higher quality valves with flow control can improve system efficiency and distribution uniformity.

·Sprinkler Heads/Nozzles – Pressure regulation to prevent misting, high quality seals to prevent low head drainage, correct nozzle selection to ensure even distribution.

  • Controller – Tells your system which sprinklers to run, and when. Learning how to adjust settings on your controller can save you money on irrigation service

Consider hiring a professional to inspect your irrigation system - make sure to have them explain and document any changes made to your controller.

High quality irrigation is an investment in the future of your landscape!

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