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Water your trees

We see a lot of people watering their lawns right now but they are missing the most important, most expensive and biggest asset of their yards: their trees!

·If you’re watering your lawn decently right now, and you have trees in the lawn, there’s a good chance your trees may be receiving enough water. But look at the drip line of that tree (show plant, representing drip line.) If those are outside of the lawn area, are you making sure to water there, where the tree roots absorb the most water?

· If you don’t have trees in the lawn, or don’t have sprinklers, YOU NEED TO BE WATERING THEM! Trees don’t necessarily show drought stress immediately but will respond over time by letting some of their outer branches fail, as well as being more vulnerable to problems like insects and tree diseases.

What are the best areas to apply water to trees?

-Drip line (show drip line of plant, that represents the tree)

-Near the trunk, but not saturating it

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