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Best of Northern Colorado

Thanks for voting us the best landscape design/build company in Northern Colorado, again.

Wildlife in your landscape

Did you know that your landscape can support wildlife?

Gifts for the plant lover

Last Sunday was National Poinsettia Day. Poinsettias are a great gift for this time of year.

Decorate planters for winter

If you’ve got some big planters in your landscape, they don’t have to stay empty and boring this winter.

Appreciate your Landscape

Over the last couple of years, many of us have spent more time than ever in our yards. When you were giving thanks last week, we hope that you spent a moment appreciating all that your landscape does for you.

Water your landscape

The Front Range continues to experience drought conditions. To avoid winter drought stress, we need to water our landscapes.

Company Christmas Party!!

Last week we celebrated Christmas with an amazing party at Ginger & Baker

Time for tool care

Are your garden tools ready for winter? Take some time now to clean them up and protect them from the elements. You’ll thank yourself next spring when they are ready and waiting when it’s time to get into the garden again.

Do your trees need a blanket?

Were you one of the many people who planted new trees during the pandemic? If you’ve got a young tree with thin bark, you should consider wrapping it for the winter.

Did you plant bulbs yet?

If you haven’t planted bulbs yet for next spring, there may still be time.

Care for your trees

It takes a little effort to help your landscape ease into the fall and winter.

Compost now for spring

If you took a cue from last week’s tip and mulched your leaves, you might have some extra leaf mulch in your yard. Or maybe you cleaned up your garden and have some plant material left over. You can turn those piles of yard waste into “black gold” by composting them for use next spring.

Mulch your leaves

Don’t hurt your back bagging leaves. There’s a better way--you might even be able to avoid raking altogether

Stay out later

Imagine yourself relaxing on the terrace with a mug of tea or apple cider as you enjoy the cooler nights of autumn in Colorado.

Get ready for fall

It’s a good time to put in some work to help your landscape stay healthy as it heads into dormancy for the winter. It's still warm, but autumn begins next week and we look forward to cooler days ahead. A little care now will help make your lawn hardier so that it will return next spring as vibrant as ever.

Time for a color change

Last week we talked about planting now for next spring. If you want some seasonal color now, try a fall-themed container garden.

Add more plants

The hottest days of the summer are over, and things should be cooling down soon. It’s a good time to add plants to our landscapes.

Pet-friendly landscapes

Last week we had National Dog Day--a good time to think about how to keep our four-legged friends safe while maintaining our landscapes.

Start late-season crops now

Want your harvest to continue into the fall? Start some leafy greens, herbs, broccoli and root crops now.

Heat and smoky skies continue

Record-breaking high temperatures aren’t the best conditions for growing vegetables. The heat, and smoke from wildfires, aren’t good for the gardener, either. Take care of your garden and yourself with these tips.

Battle the Bugs

Recent hot days and precipitation are a perfect combination for insects in our gardens and landscapes. Keep an eye on your garden, especially edible plants, and act on pests as soon as you spot them.

It's good to be a drip

When your faucet drips, it wastes water. But when your irrigation drips, it could be using water wisely. Drip irrigation uses a low pressure, low volume method of applying water directly to the base of plants or at the roots.

Lose the Lawn Bag

Emptying your grass catcher can be a hot, messy job in the heat of summer. Save yourself the work and improve your landscape in the process by grasscycling. Leaving your grass clippings on the lawn helps return nutrients to the soil and reduce evaporation from the soil.

Save water, save money

Water-efficient sprinklers, smart controllers, and low-maintenance plants help you conserve water and save time on maintaining your landscape. Using less water can save you money, too, after the initial investment. You may also be eligible for rebates to offset that initial investment as well.

The Heat is On

The Front Range is hot right now, and your plants might be feeling it a little too much. Here are a few tips for helping your landscape cope with high temperatures and sun.

Slower is smarter

Smart technology can help you save money, conserve water, and keep your landscape looking great. As we kick off Smart Irrigation Month, we’ve got a tip for using technology to do just that: water slowly.

Try native grasses

Turf serves an important purpose: it provides recreation areas for adults, kids, and pets alike. But native grasses bring a character all their own, with the added bonus of being low-water and low-maintenance once established. Ornamental grasses can also provide height, varying texture, movement, and year-round interest. Consider adding them to your landscape this year.

Bees get thirsty too

This week is Pollinator Week, when we celebrate all that the many types of pollinators—bees, butterflies, birds, bats, flies and more—do for us. It’s a good time to think of ways you can support your local pollinators. Remember that when it’s hot outside, pollinators get thirsty too.

Cycle and soak

As temperatures rise, you may be tempted to run your sprinkler longer. But resist that temptation, and instead practice cycle-and-soak watering. It’s an efficient way to keep your landscape healthy and be sure that none of your watering goes to waste.

Five benefits of mulch

One way to save water and dress up the landscape in the process is to top dress bed areas with mulch. And there is nothing better to use than fresh, 100% organic wood mulch.

Plant some sunshine

There’s still time to plant some sunflowers in your landscape. The National Garden Bureau named 2021 the Year of the Sunflower, and with good reason. This cheerful plant is always a popular cut flower, and it’s rather easy to grow.

Prep for hail

Late spring is hail season in Colorado. It's good to know what precautions you can take ahead of time and what you can do for plants after hail has dealt its blows.

Keep weeds in check

What is a weed? It’s any plant that grows where we don’t want it. Often they are non-native, potentially invasive plants that can outgrow and crowd out the plants we put in our landscape on purpose.

Give a gift that lives on

Cut flowers fade and die soon after gifting them. Why not give Mom—or any special person in your life—a gift that will give them joy for more than a week?

Train your turf

A little tough love now will benefit your lawn throughout the growing season. Springtime is when grass grows its feeder roots that will capture water all season long. Later it will grow more blades, then store nutrients for winter.

Order bugs to control weeds

Bindweed might look like a miniature version of morning glory, but it is a nuisance that seems like it can take over a garden almost overnight. It is very difficult to control once established in your landscape.

Avoid these 5 lawn care mistakes

A healthy lawn not only looks great, but it can prevent erosion, cool the local environment and filter pollutants from air and water. To enjoy all of those benefits, avoid these five mistakes.

Need spring color right now?

After recent snows gave them a dose of moisture, and with temperatures heating up along the Front Range, early spring bulbs are popping up in landscapes and giving us a hint of the color to come. Crocuses, hyacinths, even some daffodils and tulips can be spotted in gardens and flower beds.

Get ready for the growing season

Itching to get out and work in the yard? Planting time really is just around the corner. While you wait until the threat of freeze is over, there are plenty of ways to prepare for the growing season.

Ergonomic gardening

Gardening and landscape care can be a healthy hobby that helps us get outdoors and moving around. But proper form is important to avoid discomfort or injury.

Sustainable landscapes

It’s too early to start planting, but it's a good time to make a plan for a successful landscape this year. Recent heavy snowfall was much-needed, but it has not eliminated drought in the state, so be sure that your landscape plans are strategic and water-wise.

Spring Blizzard 2021

Northern Colorado had a Blizzard this week that dropped up to 30" of snow in Northern Colorado.

HGTV Award Finalist

HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards Finalist. VOTE FOR US!!

Board and Batten Farmhouse With Multilevel Native Plantings

Protecting plants from heavy snowfall

It’s still winter—spring officially begins March 20—and heavy snowfall predicted this weekend is a reminder that despite the change in season, March is historically Colorado’s snowiest month.

Children benefit from gardening

Children who grow their own vegetables are five times more likely to eat them, according to a 2015 study.

Ice melt safety

Snow and ice can wreak havoc on our sidewalks and pathways, but responsible use of ice melt is important for people, plants, and pets.

Plan now for spring

After the recent deep freeze, it’s hard to believe that spring is just a month away. While you’re staying warm indoors, it’s a good time to plan your landscape for warmer months. Demand is high and we are already booking up, so get on our calendars now.

Protect Your Plants

When the forecast predicts overnight temperatures in the single digits, are your plants protected?

January Employee Photo of the Month

January's landscape photo submissions

Soil is more than dirt

If you’re building a house, you need a solid foundation. The same goes for building a landscape. Soil serves as the foundation, so it pays to focus on creating a quality foundation if you want a healthy landscape.

Know your zone

It’s often said that the key to successful, sustainable plants is putting the right plant in the right place. But first, you need to know your place. That begins by learning your hardiness zone while you plan your landscape.

Your trees are thirsty

Trees are one of the most valuable assets in a landscape. With ongoing drought in Colorado, winter watering is more important than ever to preserve your investment. It’s a good rule of thumb to water your trees twice per month in winter.

Order now for spring

Winter officially began just a few weeks ago, but it’s already time to think about what you want in your garden this summer.

Winter Lawn Care

Dry conditions across Colorado mean you’ll need to drag out the hose and sprinkler and water your landscape this winter.

Plants of the year

The National Garden Bureau once again chose five plants of the year.

Winter plant care

Plants are a great living gift during the holidays. Be sure you know how to adjust indoor plant care during the winter, and your houseplants will keep bringing you joy well into the new year.

Safe holiday decorating

Live plants are a beautiful addition to your holiday décor. Wreaths of evergreen, eucalyptus, or herbs add a touch of nature and fragrance to your home, and the scent of a fresh evergreen tree really adds to the Christmas ambiance.

Trendy color for your landscape

This week, Pantone® announced that it had chosen two colors for 2021 Color of the Year. Pantone chose them as colors of a solid foundation (Ultimate Gray, reminiscent of rock or concrete) and of cheerfulness and hope (Illuminating’s sunny yellow).

Safe holiday lighting

Some households are celebrating the end of a challenging year by putting on spectacular light displays for the holidays. If you’re planning your own holiday light show, keep safety in mind.

Repurpose before you compost

Before you go shopping for holiday bric-a-brac, check out what Mother Nature has left in your yard.

Gardening indoors

The backyard garden may be finished for the season, but you can keep your green thumb in shape with an indoor herb garden this fall and winter.

Wrap and water your trees

November is a good time to think about wrapping your vulnerable trees for the winter. If you planted a new tree this fall or have a young tree in your landscape, wrapping it can protect your trees from winter damage.

Water by the thermometer, not the calendar

Fall is a critical time for lawn care and moisture.

Prepare for snow

Along the Front Range, snow is in the weekend forecast. We’ve already seen temperatures dipping pretty low at night this week, so you should already have prepared your irrigation system.

Did you plant spring bulbs yet?

This fall’s mild temperatures give us an opportunity to plant now for a beautiful landscape next year. It’s a good time to get bulbs into the ground for spring color.

Turn on the lights

The days are getting shorter, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy our outdoor living areas. Fewer hours of daylight shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your landscape. Outdoor lighting can keep the party going and allow you to spend quality time on your patio through the fall.

Compost your yard waste

As the growing season winds down and you prepare your landscape for winter, you may find yourself with a lot of yard waste. Instead of bagging it and tossing it into the garbage, why not make that yard waste continue to benefit your plants by composting?

Plant pansies now

Our days may still be hot, but autumn is officially here. Fall is a good time to plant, but for fall color it’s best to choose plants that can withstand a chill.

Fall turf care

As we head into fall, take some time to change up your lawncare routine to help it continue to serve you well next year.

DIY fall color

You can still add some color and style to your landscape with fall containers

Gardening season isn't over yet

Despite the extremely cold temperatures in the forecast over the next 48 hours, gardening isn't over yet.

Are you taking landscape progress notes?

Taking Notes About Your Landscape Can Pay Off Next Season.

Care For Thirsty Trees

Trees are also the most expensive plant investment in our yards and consequently, the most expensive to replace.

Are your vegetables too hot?

This growing season has had more than its share of heat-filled days. Super-hot days don't always grow the best veggies.

Protect your turf and leaves

Japanese beetles have descended upon many Front Range communities.

Mid-summer makeover

Now is a good time to refresh garden areas, as some annuals have likely begun to fade.

Lawn care in a heat wave

Do this before adding water to your brown spots.

Trust the locals

Native plants might be the best planting solution with our challenging weather.

Mid-summer garden check-up

Tips on garden maintenance

Vote For Us for Best of NOCO 2020!

We have been nominated and need your vote.

Be smart about outdoor water use

The Irrigation Association offers these tips in using tech to save water while keeping your landscape healthy

Do's and don'ts during a heat wave

We’ve had some hot days lately, and with more heat in the forecast, we need to keep our edible gardens healthy.

Make a place for pollinators

Why are Pollinators important and what pollinators should you choose for your landscape.

Is Your Lawn Stressed?

Follow these steps before you increase water on your stressed lawn.

Pretty perennials are easy and reliable

Let’s discuss the benefits of water-wise perennials

Beautiful, water-efficient annuals

Here are some tips to make annuals easy

Invite the right insects to your yard

There are many bugs that are beneficial to your landscape

Five steps to garden care

Follow these steps once you have planted your garden

Mother's Day living gifts

A living gift is a great idea for Mother's Day

Keep Gardening Simple

Successful gardening doesn’t have to be complicated or exotic

Give grass some tough love

Avoid the Tempation to Over Water in the Spring

Plant a Tree This Spring

Spring is a great time to think about planting new trees. It gives them a long growing season to get settled into their new home.

Dealing With Spring Snow

What can we do before and after a spring snow to protect our landscape?

Ready to Garden

Get your plans in place to start your garden, but dont plant yet.

Landscaping is Essential

Landscaping and lawn care are considered essential businesses.

Commercial lawn mowing

Ten Years With Adam

Today Adam has been part of our team for 10 years.

Bringing joy during uncertain times

Brightening a day during the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 Update

Lindgren Landscape Business update on the Coronavirus

Best of NOCO Style 2019

Thanks to Northern Colorado for voting us "Best Landscape Design & Installation" company again this year.

Jamie's twins have arrived

Lindgren Landscape has welcomed 2 new members to the team recently.

On-line reviews

Check out this article we contributed too.

Article about on-line reviews

Lindgren Landscape made NoCo Style Best of 2018

"Thank You" to Northern Colorado for voting Lindgren Landscape Best of NOCO 2018

Lindgren Landscape wins Best of NOCO

Hardscape Magazine

Lindgren Landscape is featured in Hardscape Magazine this month

Hardscape Magazine article about Lindgren Landscape

Turf Magazine Article on Lindgren Landscape

Article written about one of our award winning projects.

Young Life Golf Tournament

Our design team played in the Young Life golf tournament at Harmony Club again this year. Check out some pictures from the event

Young Life Golf Tournament

HGTV Editors' Choice Award.

Lindgren Landscape wins HGTV award

Waterfall over sandstone boulders with masonry bridge in the background

HGTV Finalist

Vote for us

Water feature with rainbow over custom house

Employment Open House

Come join us for an employment open house

Lindgren Landscape employment open house flyer

HNA Award

Lindgren wins Hardscape North America award

Lindgren Landscape wins HNA Award

Lindgren Snow Summit

Training our team on snow equipment before the snow season hits

Training for snow removal before the season starts

Portfolio Photography

Photographing one of our award winning projects

Photographer shooting a Lindgren Landscape project

Celebrating 10 Years with Scott

"Thank You" Scott for 10 great years so far.

Blog Post

Denver Life Magazine

Read this article featuring one of our projects.

Lindgren Landscape article in Denver Life Magazone

ALCC Facility Tour Lindgren Landscape

The Southern Chapter of ALCC joined us for a facility tour.

Tim Lindgren talks about company history

Colorado's Largest Belgard Paver Display

We now have the largest Belgard display in Northern Colorado

Largest Belgard decorative concrete paver display boards in Colorado

Lindgren Shares in Day of Service

Day of Service with ALCC

Lindgren Landscapes' 2nd Annual Hiring Open House

Join our open house.

Lindgren maintenance crew leaders

Lindgren Landscape Makes the Cover of Style Magazine

Check out our design team on the cover of Style

Blog Post

Best Patio Application Award

Belgard awards us the best patio application in the country

Picture of award winning plaque

Belgard Design Challenge Winner

Best patio application in America

Masonry seat wall with paver patio

Golf for our Troops

Golf tournament to support our armed forces

Lindgren golf team on the 10th hole at Water Valley

Lindgren Company Paintball

Our team took the day off to shoot each other with paintballs. Check out the pictures.

Lindgren employees play paintball

Young Life Golf Tournament 2013

Our designers enjoyed a day of golf and fundraising for a good cause

Chilly day playing golf

Employment Open House

We are hiring for the season. Come by and see what we are about

Employment Open House Flyer

2013 Excellence In Landscape Award

Our team earned another award this year at the ALCC awards banquet.

Rainbird Academy

Rainbird came to our house to teach

Lindgren employees learning about Rainbird

Haiti Trip

We have sponsored one of our own on a trip to Haiti with Global Orphan Project.

Haiti Mission Trip

Winter Watering

Tips on watering plant material during the winters in Colorado

Winter Watering

Lindgren Receives Landscape Awards

Watch a video of our team receiving awards

Lindgren Landscape receives 5 awards

Getting Hot

New corner fire pit install

Lindgren Landscape Project Photo Shoot

This is a time lapse of a project photo and video shoot we recently completed. Fun to watch.

Outdoor living courtyard patio

Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day playing paintball with our team

Team photo before paintball

ALCC Awards Night

Our team took home several awards last night

Fire pit with water feature

Merry Christmas 2011

Special thanks to our team and clients

Outdoor fireplace with sunken paver patio

Lindgren Landscape Wins "Best Outdoor Kitchen"

Check out our latest award

Lindgren Landscape Case Study For Outdoor Living Remodel

Learn about a major landscape remodel in Eagle Ranch Estates

Paver sidewalks and patios

Lindgren Landscape To Present Outdoor Living Seminar

Come hear us speak about outdoor living at Highcraft

Project Photo Shoot

See a sneak peak of the next great project in our portfolio

Blog Post

Water Feature In Luxe Magazine

See the water feature that is now in Lux Magazine

Presentation At The Highcraft Remodeling Expo

Check out our booth at the remodeling expo

Outdoor living paver patio and firepit

Lindgren Landscape Office Paver Display - Update #3

Check out the latest progress photos

Paver driveway is installed

Lindgren Landscape Office Paver Display - Update #2

Here are some recent photos

Paver Driveway installation

Lindgren Landscape Office Paver Display - Update #1

Updated photos of our office patio remodel

New paver patio installation

Lindgren Landscape Office Paver Display

Office Concrete Removal

Blog Post

Excellence In Landscape Awards Dinner

See some photos of our team at the awards banquet

Excellence in Landscape Awards Diner

Winner Of 2010 Excellence In Landscape Award

Take a look at the property that won

Water feature with deck and shade structure

Landscape Remodel

Read the article we wrote for Style Magazine where we discuss landscape remodels

Style Magazine article about Lindgren Landscape Remodel Project

Good News For Denver Market

Landscaping is proving to increase property values

Spring Time

Here are some tips to get your landscape ready for spring

Lindgren Landscape Featured In Style Magazine.

Take a look at the article in Style Magazine

Merry Christmas 2009

A special thanks to our clients and a Merry Christmas

Winter Landscape Planning

Now is the time to start planning your next project, and here is why

Fall To Do List

Here are some things that you can do in your landscape this fall.

Fall Is Here

These are some things you can do to prepare your landscape for winter

Water Conservation

Water is one of our most valuable resources. Here are some things you can do to conserve water