Landscape Design
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Landscape Design/Build


Okay, what do you mean by design/build?

This is a process by where we are engaged to work with the client to create comprehensive landscape drawings, work through a budgeting and/or phasing plan, and install the landscape according to plan.


The design phase works like this:

If it has been determined that we might be a good fit for your project, we meet with you for what we call a “design/build consultation”. During this meeting you will have the opportunity to learn more about your designer, our company, and our design/build process. It is basically your opportunity to get to know us a little better and confirm that we are who you want to work with for the landscaping phase of your project.

At the same time, we are also learning about you and your goals to better determine if we are a good fit for your project. During this meeting we are gathering information to determine the budget for landscape design.

If we agree that this is a good fit for both parties, we will generate a design contract for you to review. This contract will typically include the price for us to generate the drawings, details, and renderings necessary for our team to estimate and install the landscape you have envisioned.

Once we are given the okay to proceed, we will begin creating the drawings. Depending on the degree of difficulty, this may be a quick process, or a little more time consuming.  Some projects are pretty simple to design and budget, but some projects need to go from concept, to engineering, to budgeting, and then back again until we get the design and budget to agree.


Is the design process expensive?

Not compared to the cost of not doing it.  A finished landscape is only as good as the design. You can have the best installation in the world, but if the design is not creative, intelligent, and functional, it doesn't matter how well it is installed. If you do not start with a well thought out, creative design, you won't get a landscape that looks like it.  Cutting corners on the design and planning phase of any landscape will cost money, time, quality, and satisfaction.


The build phase works like this:

Once we have married the design AND the budget, we move to the build phase. By this point we typically have a complete set of construction drawings, details, engineering if necessary, a complete and thorough scope of work, and a solid budget.  We want all of our selections chosen at this time (plants, light fixtures, countertops, etc).  Sometimes we install the entire drawing at one time, other times in phases.  Regardless, this is where the fun really begins.  Your designer will work with the installation team to ensure your project is constructed precisely as planned.


This is what makes us great:

When the designer, who you have worked with to create the vision for you landscape, is now intimately involved in the implementation of your vision…….greatness is unavoidable.  Your designer will meet on-site with our installation team for a “Preconstruction Meeting” to get the project off on the right foot.  He or she will then visit your project regularly throughout the installation process to ensure your vision is being implemented.  Your designer will continue to be your point of contact along the way to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Once the installation is complete, we will meet with you as a team for our “Final Walk-Through”.  This is where we train you on the features and care of your new landscape.  This is the official passing of the baton, to you, or our maintenance division to begin to care and maintain your new investment.