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Don't let your yard sparkle

A favorite family activity each 4th of July may be to have a sparkler and write something in the sky!

The majority of people usually just throw the used sparkler on the ground and forget about it, well do not do that! It is bad for your lawn!
Get a bucket of water!
Fill your bucket with water and have everyone put the used sparklers straight in the water instead of burning holes in your lawn!

If you have any lawn damage at all after your night give a professional lawn care expert a call.

Stay away from trees!
Stay as far away from trees as possible! Fireworks can be unpredictable so the more room you have to light them off the better! A fire started in a tree will not only ruin the tree but can easily spread to other parts of your lawn or even your house.

Fireworks contain various chemicals that can affect your lawn if left there for too long. Make sure to clean up all debris left behind.

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