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Fall To Do List

One big snow storm can seemingly switch your landscaping from summer to winter in a hurry, but don’t forget about Fall. We still have a number of temperate days before winter really settles in, and there’s plenty that can be done in the garden during this time of year. Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs, as the plants are going into dormancy, and their likelihood of transplant shock is diminished. For the confident green thumb, certain plants can be divided and re-planted at this time. It is also the time to do your fall clean up. Remove the dead foliage from your deciduous perennials, and blow fallen leaves from your trees and deciduous shrubs out of your beds. Your annual containers should be emptied, so that the soil inside doesn’t expand and crack your clay pots. Then leave your pots empty until spring, or for the fall and winter you can create a display of artificial twigs, berries, and greenery, just make sure that they are designed for exterior use, or you can count on the UV rays, and moisture wreaking havoc on the plants by the end of the winter. Tackle the above projects yourself, or consult Lindgren Landscape for professional assistance.

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