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Employee Appreciation Day

We took the afternoon off last Friday to appreciate our staff. We understand that we are successfull because we have great people on staff.
We had Shuffler Brothers Barbeque, out of Johnstown Colorado, cater a lunch for the Lindgren Landscape team. The food was great, thank you Shuffler Brothers. We ate very well and headed out to Blitz Paintball in Dacono Colorado for a little team building.We played several paintball games and had a blast. No major injuries were reported, but tons of bruises and blood blisters. It hurts when you take a direct hit with a paintball travelling at 300 feet per second. We shot around 12,000 paintballs as a group and played for about 4 hours in 90 degree temperatures. What a blast.
Thank you to all the staff at Lindgren Landscape. We appreciate all that you, and we truly understand how important you are to the success of Lindgren Landscape.

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