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Lindgren Landscape Office Paver Display - Update #1

We are about 2 1/2 weeks into our new office paver display. All the existing concrete has been demolished, the base has been installed for the front and back patios, and the majority of the base for the driveway has been installed. We poured a concrete curb for the driveway to re-enforce the front edge for vehicle traffic. Some of the pavers for the front patio and sidewalk have been installed, as well as some of the pavers for the back patio. We chose Esterel Red for the color of the back patio and right now it looks a little too pink. Once we wash and seal the back patio it will tie in better with the brick on the building. We are trying to use a range of colors and styles within the Belgard family of pavers, so we are aware that some of the paver colors will not be ideal for our building.
From this point forward, the changes will be very noticeable. the first half of the project is demolition and base installation which is not much fun or aesthetically pleasing. The second half of the project is much more enjoyable, stay tuned.

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