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Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair Fort Collins, CO

Sprinkler Repair and Service

Serving the Fort Collins Community since 1995.

You’ve invested a lot of hard-earned money into your landscape design and construction. Now is the time to support your decision to make your landscaping the best it can be with professional sprinkler service in Fort Collins with Lindgren Landscape.

Whether you are looking for a new irrigation system design and installation or you’re planning the coming year’s sprinkler repair needs, you are doing the right thing to care for your landscape ahead of time!

Sprinkler systems take a lot of wear and tear in the Fort Collins, CO, area. Between spring growth and hot summer days, to unpredictable fall weather and winter temperatures, sprinkler repair is often needed as parts can wear down over time or are damaged from lawn mowers or lawn care activities. Lindgren Landscape offers complete sprinkler service to keep your irrigation system in its best shape!

Our trained sprinkler technicians understand the dynamics and complexities of the many types of sprinkler systems and can quickly handle almost any repair. Our sprinkler service is comprehensive and offers regular maintenance to keep your irrigation system running efficiently.

Sprinkler System Audits

Our sprinkler repair technician will inspect your irrigation system for broken lines, clogged heads, poor performing parts, and general wear and tear. We will look for leaks from lines and valves that can lead to bigger problems.

Sprinkler Repair

Often, sprinkler systems can begin to fail without showing major problems. Prevention is the best course of action to keep your sprinkler service operating at its best. If any problem is identified or wear-and-tear is indicating a need for replacement parts, we will perform sprinkler repair to keep your system working and give you peace of mind.

Sprinkler Coverage / Tune-ups

Over time, sprinkler heads can shift or rotate, which causes strain on the pipes and results in over- or under-watering of the lawn or landscaped beds. Our technician can check the coverage of your sprinkler system and make adjustments to ensure proper functioning and save you money on your water bill.

Sprinkler Activation and Winterization

In Colorado, it’s essential that your sprinkler system is started up and activated each year. Likewise, it’s even more critical that your irrigation system is adequately repaired and blown-out for Colorado’s freezing winters. We do both! In addition to activation and winterization, our sprinkler service can program or adjust your controller for proper watering throughout the growing seasons.

Is it time to leave the sprinkler repair and service to someone else? Contact us! Lindgren Landscape has been serving the Fort Collins, CO area for more than 20 years with expert service from trained, professional technicians. We are here to help!