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Plant in Fall. Enjoy in Spring!

Plant in Fall. Enjoy in Spring!

Plant fall bulbs now for spring color. The fall months, specifically September and October, are the best times to plant bulbs for a colorful display next spring. To break out of their dormant state, bulbs need 12 - 14 weeks of cold temperatures (below 45 degrees).

There are many different bulbs to choose from including; tulips, daffodils, crocus, and alliums. You can plant the bulbs individually or in a mass to create a more vibrant display.

Water well when you plant the bulbs in fall as this will stimulate the roots to begin their growth. Keep the soil moist over the winter and continue throughout the blooming period as necessary. It is a good idea to mulch the soil where you have planted the bulbs. Mulch will keep the soil from drying out, and help moderate soil temperature so it does not warm up too quickly. 

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